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About Ardea Prime

The brand

The genus of wading birds that includes egrets and herons is the inspiration for our company's name and logo. A well-known example is the magnificent Ardea alba, the great egret.

The word Prime is a direct reference to our simple mission: to provide bed and table products that are, in their class, the best available anywhere.


Ardea Prime LLC created this online store as the conduit to you of the manufacturing output of its Thailand affiliate, Gusto Holdings Company Limited. This partnership uses premium linen woven in Northern Ireland. Products are sewn in Thailand and finally presented to you in a secure, convenient Internet storefront. The arrangement is successful because it engages the best talents of each participant.

Founding principles

The Value Equation

Whether your choice of fabric for sheets and tableware is synthethics or pure Irish linen, whether you are on a tight budget or money is no object, outfitting a bed or a table involves decisions that are best made right the first time. High among Ardea Prime principles is to offer a combination of products and personalized service of unbeatable value.

Our business is dedicated to best-in-class materials and workmanship. Among the world's textiles pure Irish linen alone meets that criterion for bedding and tableware. Linen's manufacturing process is more laborious and costly than that of other fabrics, and products crafted from linen are therefore more expensive to buy, but they also yield unique benefits. See Why Linen?

Size: A Fitting Subject

Within regions of the world, mattresses are well standardized as to length and width. That is, the platform size of mattresses is the same from one brand to another. The thickness of mattresses however can vary considerably.

Sheets are manufactured and labeled for standard bed sizes. However-- and sheet manufacturers tend not to mention this-- sheets of a given nominal size will differ in their actual dimensions from one supplier to another. There are no hard rules in the industry ’ only loose conventions. For the shopper, it can be a confusing and expensive situation.

To overcome this problem, Ardea Prime makes its Irish linen bed sheets generously large. Our fitted sheets are deep enough to surround the deepest mattresses. Top sheets are exceptionally long… long enough to allow 10 or 12 inches of fold-back at the head of the bed, and at the same time to tuck way in under the foot of the mattress. The benefits are

  • greater comfort because you can really cover up,
  • better performance because your bedding stays together during use,
  • more convenience because the bed makes up easily in the morning.
The dimensions of your mattress and your blanket or duvet all have a bearing on the ideal size of your linens. That’s why we’re happy to make sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers to order so they perfectly suit your bed and your preferences. We will help you plan and order what you want, and at a price consistent with comparably-sized standard products.

Duvets (comforters) sold on the market vary so much in size that a shopper cannot simply order a duvet of a particular nominal size and a cover of the same nominal size from a different source and be assured that the two pieces will fit together properly. You have to first decide for yourself how you want this important top layer of your bedding to fit the bed, and then you must take care to choose items whose actual sizes meet your preference and fit one another.

Ardea Prime duvet covers allow a 17-inch (41 cm) drop at the sides and at the foot of the bed. That’s one inch (or 2.5 cm) greater than the drop afforded by our top sheets at the sides of the bed.

Irish double Damask linen for the table

Consistent with the Ardea Prime "best-in-class" standard, we proudly present linen, linen napkins, tablecloths and placemats of heirloom quality. Irish double damask is peerless. A product of hundreds of years' accumulated knowledge, it is a textile that makes a lasting impression.

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